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49er fan for life

The Niners will rise again!!

Jack & Jennifer forever

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    image Hiya Divster!
    Oh, how the tables have turned, huh? Now look whose getting a wee bit jealous???image As you should be! It's no coincidence that you haven't heard from the both of us...if you know what I mean image.... hahahahah ...
    I guess I can bless you this evening with my appearance at the game tonightimage, it's been so long though..are we hosting? Per usual though, I will be in a tad late, but I'll be there nonetheless. I should also be on aim, so hopefully, we'll connect. Until then my dear, I'll leave you with this image!

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    Reply from AvaLoNMe06:

    Well, you know me! I'm the possessive type- I don't like sharing with anyone! image I have an idea- what do you say we both ditch the third wheel and um, pick up the broken pieces? image You know you want to! image (I hope we're not scaring too may people, lol). Anyway, as far as I know, Shari is hosting tonight, but it'll be nice to catch up with you after FOREVER! See you tonight my dear....and here's one for you! image